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Take the informational wings to the future

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Core Tip:  No need for staff to check the verification items, just by brushing the face will be able to enter the venue, from t
  No need for staff to check the verification items, just by "brushing the face" will be able to enter the venue, from the camera equipment "brushing the face" to the automatic release of the gate, the whole process takes only two seconds ... has not entered the venue, to the Fuzhou Strait International Exhibition The people participating in the first Digital China Construction Summit have experienced a deep range of science and technology.
Take the informatio<em></em>nal wings to the future
  At 9:00 on April 22, the summit officially kicked off. At the opening ceremony, the letter of congratulation sent by General Secretary Xi Jinping was read out, and applause from the audience was heard. “As a technology enterprise manager who has been engaged in the informationization of the construction field, I have received great congratulations and heavy responsibilities from the general secretary’s letter of congratulation.” Zhai Zhizhong, chairman of Glory Technology, expressed with excitement that he will insist on independent innovation in the future. , Build a "digital construction" platform to provide new momentum for the development of the construction industry with information, and contribute to the construction of digital China.
  Just after the opening ceremony, the main forum was convened. Under the audience, more than 800 representatives from all walks of life from all walks of life attended the ceremony. On stage, senior scholars, executives of central enterprises, Internet “grand coffee” and local officials took turns to make their debuts and share their insights.
  Consensus is gathering here. All the guests and friends from all walks of life express their feelings. It is now time to expedite the construction of Digital China.
  "The third industrial revolution, the technological changes in the past 20 years, and the application of changes in the last 30 years. We are facing tremendous changes in all aspects of Internet technology. It is now a critical period and also a decisive period." Ma Yun, Chairman of Alibaba's Board of Directors, said that this time The opening of the summit coincides with the time and it will not wait for development. Ma Hengteng, chairman and chief executive of Tencent, expressed his conviction that the current "Internet +" and various vertical industries have been continuously deepened and integrated. The digitalization process has also rapidly expanded from the economic field to various fields such as society, people's livelihood, and government affairs. "This vertical and horizontal convergence The innovation we bring will help us move from a big country to a strong country!"
  Confidence accumulates here - participants are brainstorming to outline the beauty of digital China.
  “The work of information infrastructure construction is in the present day and it will take a long time to benefit.” Xiong Qunli, chairman of China Electronics Technology Group Co., Ltd., stated that China should provide an open platform for the application of the whole society under the management of the government to create an information infrastructure in the era of digital economy. Realize that valuable data is delivered to useful places at the right time.
  The audience was full of high friends and applause, and the crowds outside the meeting venue were thrilling and lively.
  “Fast, try it together!” In the digital economy exhibition area, the smart dressing mirror at the Taobao booth attracted many visitors. Standing in front of a screen similar to a dressing mirror, take a photo of Zhang Meizhao, and then enter information such as body size, face type, and hairstyle. Your "shadow" appears on the screen. Click on "fitting", you can choose sports, leisure, dress and other styles, eliminating the need for a lot of trouble when trying to dress.
  Walking in the exhibition hall, similar surprise scenes are dizzying. At the Jingdong booth, you will see drone robots that can deliver the door to your home, and you can also experience the code to open the door and take the smart container that you took. When you come to the Yitu technology booth, click on your own picture. You can magically show your trajectory in the venue, you know, face recognition technology has been applied to travel, check-in, admission, shopping, convenience, security and other aspects; if you need help, you do not need to trouble others. Directly inquire about 50 artificial intelligence navigation robots throughout the exhibition hall. These robots created by Net Dragon will provide intelligent services such as indoor path finding, meeting information inquiry, encyclopedia knowledge answering and even photo taking.
  A widely used digital technology allows people to experience the joyous changes that information brings to life. One of the top-notch “black technology” products allows people to look forward to a cool future.
  “The construction of Digital China will not only promote the rapid economic development, but also include the digital government, digital society, and digital citizen construction.” Wang Jing, president of the New World Technology Group, for example, said that in the past, the masses had “run off legs” to simplify the approval process. From office building to online office, the development of digitization and e-government has added a sense of fullness to the people.
  In the digital application experience area displaying the “Digital Fuzhou” construction achievements, an app called “e Fuzhou” is very hard to beat. It is the only “ticket” for visitors to visit. With it, you can also go to Fuzhou - take the subway, pay parking fees, register online, pay for medical fees, and borrow public books. “We stand at the height of the city's design, promote inter-departmental business synergy, and build a digital era of urban software infrastructure, so as to maximize the effectiveness of digitalization.” “e Fuzhou” builder, chairman of Siyuan Zhengtong Company Light up.
  In the past few days, activities such as sub-forums, digital China Construction Achievement Exhibition, report release, and digital China Construction Best Practice Promotion will be staged. The energy of building digital China is constantly accumulating; the paralysis of digital China is continuing to rise. Let us take the wings of informatization and fly to the future and fly to the distance of dreams!
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