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"Qianlong 3" submersible made its debut

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Core Tip:Beijing, April 15 (Reporter Liu Shiyao) The reporter learned from the State Oceanic Administration: On April 15th, China
Beijing, April 15 (Reporter Liu Shiyao) The reporter learned from the State Oceanic Administration: On April 15th, China’s scientific expedition vessel “Ocean 1” departed from Xiamen Modern Terminal and began to execute the 2018 Synthetic Sea Test B segment. task. Among them, the 4500-meter-class Qianlong-3 submersible made its debut.

 "Qianlong 3" submersible made its debut
According to Cai Min, chief scientist of the B-Segment, the “Qian Long-3” submersible is mainly carrying out trials such as balancing of carriers, deep-sea navigation, and maximum depth navigation in this segment. At the same time, the scientific expedition team will also use the “Qianlong-3” submersible and a variety of scientific exploration equipment to jointly carry out the site selection and environmental baseline survey of the seabed test area of ??the 1000-meter multi-metal nodule collection system and the geology of the South China Sea gas hydrate zone. And environmental surveys.
It is understood that the “Qianlong 3” submersible will be further improved in terms of reliability, practicality, and detection efficiency on the basis of “Qianlong 2” technology and will become a “cutting tool” for investigation of polymetallic sulphide resources in oceanic oceans in China. The “Qianlong III” to the sea trial in the South China Sea will further consolidate the technical foundation for China’s “deep sea entering, deep sea exploration, and deep sea development” and significantly increase the efficiency and accuracy of China’s international maritime resources exploration.
It is reported that on April 11th, the "Ocean 1" ship successfully completed the A-segment sea trial mission. According to the plan, the B-segment sea trial mission will last for 19 days. After the end of the operation, it is expected to call Qingdao on May 3.
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